Joe Rogan

Watch my appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience where we discuss my career change, hypocrisy in fishing methods and future projects.

Agua Negra

Follow our adventure in Cabo Verde, Africa for 5 weeks where we rely solely on our own hands (and bartering skills) to survive.



Gastronomy through simplicity and tips to buy your fish sustainably. Coming out Spring 2019

About me

I was a certified lawyer in Canada and worked in finance in London for 6 years. I quit my well-paid job in London to live a simple life and to spread the word about eating responsibly. Freediving Instructor with PADI, professional traveler, accomplished chef, advocate of sustainable eating. I have consulted with several governments in different countries to draft progressive legislation on fisheries and I travel the world to fish with locals in order to eat the best food, caught by myself, in an eco-friendly way; all the while raising awareness within remote communities.

Valentine Thomas


Outdoor sustainable chef

By prioritizing simplicity and using natural resources such as fire,…

Motivational speaker

Sustainability and ocean preservation, woman empowerment,…

TV Host

Les Flots on TV5, Agua Negra Docmentary, Canal + Seasons…

Freediver Athlete

Certified freediving Instructor with PADI, with a…