About me

I was a certified lawyer in Canada and worked in finance in London for 6 years. I quit my well-paid job in London to live a simple life and to spread the word about eating responsibly. Freediving Instructor with PADI, professional traveler, accomplished chef, advocate of sustainable eating. I have consulted with several governments in different countries to draft progressive legislation on fisheries and I travel the world to fish with locals in order to eat the best food, caught by myself, in an eco-friendly way; all the while raising awareness within remote communities.

Why Spearfishing?

The exponential increase of a general curiosity in natural food, responsible sourcing, and clean eating, is leading people to make informed decisions on what they consume. Spearfishing offers an interesting opportunity to educate, illuminate, and truly understand the provenance of fish and seafood we’re accustomed to, as well as the impact of humans on ocean-life as a whole.

Through my adventures and stories collected from around the world, I continue to create and grow a platform that allows others to reconnect with nature and strengthen their care for sustainable food sources.


This fishing method is considered sustainable because it targets one fish at a time and results in very little by-catch